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february 2014
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25 February 2014

Dynamo Girls prepare for Grades Competitions

The Dynamo Girls took part in the Dynamo Club Grades in preparation for Grades competitions beginning next month.

The Girls all competed well with every gymnast achieving a pass mark.

In Grade 14, the girls were competing in their first Grade competition. Lily Harrington came out in 1st place with a fantastic score of 60.75, Bethan Light in 2nd with 59.20 and Emma Glasspool in 3rd with 58.50. In 4th place, Elsa Lamping with a score of 57.70, 5th place went to Tallulah Sim with 57.10 and 6th to Isla Ross with 57.10.

In Grade 13, Lila North finished in 1st place after completing a clean competition with a high score of 61.00. Team-mate Victoria Baynes finished in 2nd with a score of 58.40, Isabelle Searle in 3rd with 56.85 and Charlie Sutherdon in 4th with 51.50.

In Grade 12, Olivia Perry came out on top in 1st place with a score of 45.40. 2nd place went to Hollie Roberts with 44.60, 3rd place to Olivia Williams with 43.70, 4th place to Stephanie King with 43.50, 5th place to Olivia Jenman with 43.50 and 6th place to Elise Blisset with 42.30.

In Grade 11, Mia Thomas finished in 1st place with a score of 45.40 and Heather Aitken in 2nd with 38.90.

In Grade 10, Lucie Russel finished in 1st place with a score of 43.60, Saffron Moore in 2nd with 41.00 and Holly Shepherd in 3rd with 40.50.

Massive CONGRATULATIONS to all the girls who competed and passed their Grades.

Everyone at Dynamo wish all the girls who are moving on to compete in the County Competition in March all the best of luck.

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