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march 2016
Fun birthday parties for children at Dynamo Gymnastics

11 March 2016

Hampshire NDP Club Grades

Competition season got off to a fantastic start for the Dynamo Girls squad, with the Hampshire NDP Club Grades. Dynamo School of Gymnastics hosted the event for the Hampshire Women’s Technical Committee, with over 200 girls from across the county competing across the weekend.

Day 1, was the turn of both the Grade 5 & 4 girls.
In the Grade 5 competition, 47 girls competed from across the county.
Finishing in 14th overall and achieving a distinction with a score of 58.60 was Ruby Webber, closely followed by team mate Jessica Cole also achieving a distinction with a score of 57.85. Sabine Potter finished in 27th place with an overall score of 55.05, achieving a commendation for her Grade.
In the Grade 4 competition 37 girls took part, with Dynamo’s Tia Clarke finishing in a 5th position with a score of 61.50. This score not only gave Tia a distinction for her grade but has also qualified her to compete in Regional Finals next month. Dolcie Hansler also achieved a distinction with a score of 57.95 to place her in 17th position. Isla Ross finished with 56.55 in 22nd, achieving a commendation, followed by team mate Saffron Drake in 23rd with 56.05 and Freya Dove in 24th with 56.00. Both girls also achieving a commendation for their performance.

On Day 2, Dynamo had girls compete in both Grade 6 and Grade 2.
The girls in Grade 6 were all competing for the first time and all held their own, enjoying their first experience of competition. With a massive entry of 80 gymnasts, the Dynamo girls put in a great performance. Lucy Good finished in 9th position with a score of 62.40, achieving a distinction and qualification through to Regional Finals. Team mate Kennedy Andrews will join her at regional finals after finishing in 11th position with a score of 61.70 and also receiving a distinction for her grade. Danae Sexton finished in 17th also receiving a distinction with 60.60 only narrowly missing out on a spot at finals. Charlotte Ingram achieved a commendation with 56.40 in 33rd. Rose Schrlian also was commended for her performance with a score of 54.85 in 45th, followed by Alice Butcher in 47th with a score of 54.75 also receiving commendation. Lucie Glasspool finished in 58th with 53.55, followed closely by team mate Matilda Hughes in 59th with 53.50. Both girls being commended for their grade. Alanyah White finished in 79th position with a score of 45.00.
In Grade 2, Madeleine Pople put in a fantastic performance to finish in 2nd place with a score of 58.22, receiving a distinction for her Grade and earning a spot at Regional Finals. Olivia Perry finished in 5th position with a score of 55.95, closely followed by team mate Olivia Jenman in 6th place with 55.70. Both girls receiving a commendation for their performance. Stephanie King was also commended for her performance with a score of 53.85 and 10th position.

A fantastic weekend for Team Dynamo with 21 girls competing in their Grades. We look forward to Regional Finals and moving forward into the rest of what will be an exciting year.
Head of Women’s Artistic, Kerri Upton, said of the gir’ls performance, “We’re proud of all of the girls who competed across the weekend. They showed confidence in their routines and their ability continues to improve. It’s an exciting year for everyone at Dynamo and this weekend’s achievements gives us confidence moving forward”.



India Rose Harper
Zoe Gilling

Gymnasts (left to right):
Madeleine Pople
Stephanie King
Olivia Perry
Olivia Jenman


Alice Bell

Gymnasts (left to right):
Saffron Drake
Isla Ross
Dolcie Hansler

GRADE 5 & 4

Alex Gilling
Zoe Gilling
Alice Bell

Gymnasts (left to right):
Tia Clarke
Freya Dove
Jessica Cole
Sabine Potter
Ruby Webber


Karen Paling

Gymnasts (left to right):
Alice Butcher
Lucy Glasspool
Rose Schrlian
Matilda Hughes


Lana Harry

Gymnasts (left to right):
Charlotte Ingram
Lucy Good
Kennedy Andrews
Danae Sexton

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