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october 2016
Fun birthday parties for children at Dynamo Gymnastics

Regional Levels

Level 2 & Challenge Cup Girls

2 October 2016

Southern Region Levels Championships

Dynamo School of Gymnastics travelled to Portsmouth Gymnastics Centre for the Southern Region Levels Championships. With 32 gymnasts competing across various age groups, Dynamo showed their strength in depth with one of the largest entries from across the region.

The competition spanned across 2 days with our younger girls competing on day 1 of the championships.

The Level 5 In Age competition, is for girls who turn 8 this year. This is the first time these girls have competed outside of their home gym, a fantastic experience for the girls. Lucie Denton finished in 19th position, with an overall score of 42.75, also finishing in the top 10 on Vault for her powerful straight front somersault. Kennedy Andrews finished in 24th position with a score of 40.50, after completing a clean competition. Lilia Smith was in 27th, with a score of 39.45. Team mates Lucy Glasspool was in 29th with 37.10, Rose Schumulian in 30th with 36.50 and Poppy Fletcher and Danae Sexton in joint 31st with 33.45.

In the Level 4 Junior age group, Anabel Edem finished in 9th position overall, scoring 46.00. Anabel also finished in 4th position on beam. Emma Glasspool finished in 17th positon with an overall score of 44.45. Tia Clarke finished in 21st position with an overall score of 43.60, taking 4th position in Vault for her 1/2 on 1/2 off and 7th position on bars. Tallulah Sim finished in 24th with 43.25, with team mates Shannon Richards in 26th with a score of 43.00 and Bethan Light in 27th with 42.80.

Jessica Cole competed in the Level 5 Junior competition, finishing in 28th position with a score of 41.20.

Day 2 of the competition, started off with the Level 4 In Age girls. Ella Mears finished in 20th position with a score of 41.85. Lydia Sim finished in 21st with a score of 41.44 and Molly Symonds in 22nd with 41.37. Olivia Francis finished with a score of 36.04 in 23rd position.

The next round of competition saw Dynamo have girls in various age groups, showing our depth and ability to train girls through to the older age groups.  In the Level 2 In Age category, Lila North finished in 5th position with a score of 38.50. Lila took 3rd position Vault, 4th on bars, and 5th on beam and floor. 

In the Level 2 Junior category, Elise Blisset finished with an all-around score of 40.15 in 4th place, taking Bronze on both Vault and Bars, and 4th on beam and floor.

The Level 2 Senior competition saw Tiger Weidner finished in 3rd position with a score of 41.40. Tiger took 3rd place on both Vault and Beam, 2nd on Floor and 4th on Bars. Team mate Ellen Martin finished in 4th position with a score of 40.05, taking 2nd place on Bars and 4th place on Vault, Beam and Floor.

In the Espoir Challenge category Isabelle Prinsep, in her first year at this level held her own to finish in 4th position with a score of 40.90.

In the Junior Challenge competition Jessica Wells, had a fantastic competition to be crowned the Regional Junior Challenge Champion with an overall score of 45.35. Jessica also took the Gold medal on Bars & Floor, 6th position on Beam and 4th on Vault. Olivia Essex finished in 2nd overall with a total score of 44.35, taking the Gold medal on Beam, 3rd on Bars, and 6th on Floor. Tayah Askham finished in 4th position overall with 44.15, taking the Gold medal on Vault, Silver on Bars and Bronze on Floor. Leah Mitchell finished in 6th position with a total score of 41.85, taking 4th on Bars and 5th on both Beam and Floor.

In the Senior Challenge, Danielle Barnes was crowned the Senior Champion for the 2nd time running. Danielle added the Gold on both Bars and Floor and Silver on Vault and Beam to her collection.

The final round of competition saw the Level 4 Senior Girls compete. Mia Thomas finished in 6th place overall with a total score of 45.95, taking the Bronze medal for her floor routine. Team mate Olivia Perry followed in 7th place with 45.60, finishing 6th on both Beam and Floor and 5th on Vault. Olivia Jenman was 8th with a score of 44.80, taking 2nd place on Bars and 5th on Floor. Stephanie King finished with a score of 43.60 in 11th position, taking 4th on Vault and 6th on Bars.

Head Coach Kerri Upton said of the girls performance, "It was fantastic to have so many girls qualify for Regionals this year, showing our depth across the club. To come away with medals and placings is a great reward for the hard work that the girls put in. We will continue to work towards future competitions this year, which includes a trip to Malta for many of the girls."


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