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september 2017
Fun birthday parties for children at Dynamo Gymnastics
Espoir Junior Senior 
Left to Right Back Row: Emma Beales,
Ella Beattie-Edwards, Isabelle Prinsep,
Olivia Essex, Danielle Barnes, Kerri Beaven
Front Row: Lila North, Sydney Letchford,
Tayah Askham, Jessica Wells, Elise Blissett
Level 4 & 3
Left to Right Back Row: Rio Gawne-Cain,
Ella Mears, Molly Symonds,
Lydia Sim, Olivia Francis 
Front Row: Lillia Smith, Poppy Fletcher,
Lucy Denton, Lucy Glasspool, Kennedy Andrews
Level 5
Olivia Learnihan, Megan Thorpe, Izzy Frost, Kimberley Bartholomew, Harriett Kendell

11 September 2017

Regional in Age Championships

Dynamo School of Gymnastics travelled to Portsmouth Gymnastics Centre for the Regional In Age Championships this past weekend. 23 gymnasts travelled along with their coaches Kerri Beaven & Emma Beales, to take part in the first competition of the new season.

In the first round of competition our Level 4 and Level 3 gymnasts took part.

In the Level 4 competition, for gymnasts turning 9 in the year, Lucie Denton finished 13th all around with a total score of 42.65. Lucie achieved 6th position on Vault for her strong Yurchenko, with a score of 12.70. Lillia Smith finished 15th overall with a total score of 40.85. Team mate Poppy Fletcher finished in 16th with 39.85, with Kennedy Andrews in 17th with 38.45 and Lucy Glasspool in 18th with 37.65.

In the Level 3 competition, for gymnasts turning 10 in the year, Molly Symonds finished 7th overall with a total score of 44.05. Molly placed 5th on Vault with an average score for her 2 vaults of 12.50, and 6th on Bars for her well executed routine. Molly will now travel to Guildford in November for the National Voluntary Finals as travelling reserve for the South Team. Lydia Sim placed 15th overall with a total score of 39.175, competing her new 1 ½ twist on floor successfully. Rio Gawne-Cain in her first In Age competition finished in 17th with 37.70, Olivia Francis was in 18th with 36.975 and Ella Mears competing 3 apparatus in 19th with 27.075.

Round 2 of competition was the turn of our Level 5 girls, for gymnasts turning 8 years old this year.

Harriett Kendell had a clean competition with a score of 44.00 overall to take 7th position. Harriett also placed 5th on Vault with 11.20, and 6th on Beam with 10.65. Megan Thorpe placed 13th overall with 42.45, also placing 2nd on beam for her solid routine with a score of 12.15. Olivia Learnihan finished with 41.15 in 15th position, with Kimberley Bartholomew in 17th with 40.35. Izzy Frost scored a total of 35.75 finishing in 25th position.

The final round of competition was the turn of our Espoir Junior and Senior girls.

In the Espoir competition, Elise Blissett placed 7th overall with 38.05, also coming 5th on Vault with 11.10 and 6th on Bars with 8.70. Lila North placed 9th overall with a total score of 36.20, competing new skills for the first time.

In the Junior competition, Tayah Askham finished 2nd all around with a total score of 42.90. Tayah placed 2nd on Vault with 12.15 and 1st on bars with 10.90, for her new upgraded routine. Team mates Olivia Essex and Sydney Letchford placed joint 3rd all around with a total score of 41.85. Olivia placed 1st on Vault for her high Tsukahara, scoring 12.35, 6th on Bars with 8.45 and 5th on both beam and floor with 10.40 and 10.65. Sydney placed 5th on Vault with 11.55, 3rd on Bars with 9.10, 6th on Beam with 10.20, and 4th on floor with 11.00. Ella Beattie-Edwards finished in 7th overall with a score of 40.00. Ella also placed 6th on Vault with 11.20, 4th on Beam with 10.50 and 6th on Floor with 10.20. Isabelle Prinsep finished in 7th overall with an all around score of 39.35. Isabelle placed 4th on both Vault and Bars with 11.60 and 8.65.

In the Senior competition Jessica Wells placed 2nd overall with an all around score of 43.30. Jess also place 2nd on 3 apparatus, Vault 11.90, Bars 9.70, and Beam 10.15, and 1st on Floor with a score of 11.55. Danielle Barnes in her first competition returning from injury competed on Bars only, but hit a fantastic routine for 1st place on this apparatus with a score of 11.20. Danielle has now been selected to compete for the Region at the Rushmoor Rosebowl competition next month.

A fantastic competition for the Dynamo girls, picking up medals and ribbons at all age groups. The younger squad will now begin a training phase to prepare for the new year, with the Espoir Junior and Senior girls at the beginning of their competition season, preparing for the British Teams and National Challenge Cup over the coming weeks.

Head coach Kerri Beaven said of the girl’s performance “Competition season started early after the summer holidays but the hard work put in by all the girls over the summer period showed in the results today. We’re proud of all the gymnasts today and look forward to the future with confidence”.


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