Hampshire OOA Grades

Posted on - Monday 23rd September, 2019.

Dynamo School of Gymnastics hosted the Hampshire Individual Apparatus and Junior / Senior Levels Competition this past weekend. With gymnasts competing from across the county, Dynamo had a strong field of gymnasts representing the Hamble based club across many levels. The Dynamo Girls produced some fantastic performance alongside their coaches Sarah Sharkey, Zoe Gilling, Chloe Brebner, Lucie Russel and Olivia Essex.

Day 1 of competition saw the first ever Hampshire Individual Apparatus competition. In the Junior competition Indie Horton placed 2nd on both Vault and Beam, her highest score coming on beam with a massive 12.00. Indie also picked up 4th place on floor and 6th on Bars. Abigail Ward placed 3rd on Beam with a solid 11.75. Maisie-Leigh Gibbs had a fantastic competition placing 1st on both Vault and Bars and 2nd on Floor with a high score of 11.50 with team-mate Taya Sin placing 4th on Bars, 5th on Vault and Beam and 6th on Floor. Kayleigh Murdoch & Heidi Tomlin also competed on all apparatus gaining valuable competition experience in their first county apparatus competition.

In the Senior competition, Alice Butcher placed 1st on Bars with a massive 11.2, 4th on Floor, 5th on Vault and joint 6th on Beam along with her team-mate Macie Lewis. Also competing in the Senior competition in their first county competition was, Daisy Ferguson, Lauren Radley, Ava Powell, Jessica Bourner and Eloise Viles.

Our Level 2 Junior & Senior girls were next up and put in a fantastic performance. Victoria Baynes was the sole competitor in the Level 2 Senior competition having worked hard over previous years to reach this level Victoria was crowned the Hampshire Overall Champion with a score of 37.90 and gained Gold on all 4 apparatus for her solid performance. In the Junior competition, Lydia Sim put in a fantastic performance after a year out due to injuries. Her perseverance and commitment were rewarded with 2 Gold medals on Beam and Floor, 2nd place on Vault and 4th on Bars to place 2nd overall with a high score of 44.100. Team-mate Anabel Edem finished 3rd overall with a score of 42.80 taking the Bars title, 3rd on both Vault and Floor and 5th place on Beam. Ella Mears placed 5th overall with a total score of 38.70, placing 4th on both Vault and Floor, 5th on Bars and 6th on Beam. Tallulah Sim finished 6th overall with a total score of 38.00, placing 3rd on Beam, 5th on Vault and 6th on both Bars and Floor. All our level 2 girls will be able to compete in the Regional Championships in September.

Day 2 of competition was the turn of our Level 5 & 4 gymnasts. Competing in the Level 5 Junior competition Ella Crook finished in 9th position overall with a score of 41.30. Ella also placed 3rd on Floor with a score of 12.00 and 6th on Vault. Saffira Barkley placed 18th overall with a score of 39.75, Rebecca Maxted was 20th with 39.70, Lillian Smith 22nd with 39.25, Maya Smith 24th with 39.00, Ella Read-Jones 25th with 38.85, Yasmin LeBas 26th with 38.25, Kitty Sanders 30th with 37.85, Esther Draper 31st with 37.70, Maci Harbut 33rd with 32.80, Esmee Lewis 34th with 32.00 and Kaitlin Welch 35th with 27.35.

In the Level 4 Junior competition, Olivia Learnihan put in a fantastic performance to score 43.65 overall to place 3rd overall. Olivia also placed 3rd on Vault, 4th on floor and was crowned the Level 4 Junior Beam champion. Izzy Frost finished in 6th overall with an all around total of 42.75. Izzy also placed 3rd on Bars and 5th on Beam. Both Olivia & Izzy have both gained qualification to the Regional Championships later in the year. Alexandra Peattie finished in 10th overall with a total score of 41.00, also finishing 6th on Beam. In the Level 4 Senior competition, Saffron Drake finished 3rd overall with 44.40. Saffron also finished in 1st place on Beam after sticking her tuck back somersault, 3rd on Bars and 4th on Floor. Elita Castro-Garrick finished in 7th overall with 42.65, finishing 5th on Beam and 6th on Vault. Lacey Williams finished in 10th overall with 42.25, placing 1st on Bars. Saffron, Elita and Lacey will all travel to Portsmouth in September for the Regional Championships. Charlotte Ingram placed 12th with 41.80, Ella Nowell was in 13th with 41.20, and Summer Brooks in 17th with 39.10.

A fantastic weekend for the Women’s Artistic Squad girls, who will now enjoy a Summer’s training before the next competition season kicks off in September.

Head coach Kerri Beaven said of the performance “It was great to have so many girls competing, many for the first time, and all being rewarded for their hard work this competition season.”