Customer Testimonial for Post-Lockdown

Posted on - Thursday 13th August, 2020.

TESTIMONIAL August 2020:
Bravo, Team Dynamo!  Our daughter came home from her first post-lockdown return session to gym and, completely unprompted, shared with us how fabulously the Dynamo team has done in implementing the required Covid Health & Safety precautions. She was blown away by their care, so we wanted to share this with any parents who need reassurance…
The children were let into the gym through the side entrance, safely dropped off by parents.  After standing in a short socially-distanced queue, Jacky took each child’s forehead temperature (using a no-touch forehead thermometer) and gave each child hand sanitising gel to use. They were given a small, clean bucket to pop their shoes and water bottles in, and were then greeted by two Dynamo coaches.
After being asked to each calmly pick one of the ten socially-spaced gym mats – so plenty of space and numbers are being kept very manageable – the gymnasts were given a friendly update with clear instructions: they were told that the coaches weren’t allowed to physically aid (touch) the children for the time being, but if they needed to come to the mat to help them verbally, or by demo, that they’d be wearing their mask and would keep socially-distanced from the children; if the children needed either a drink or a break as they eased back into exercise, they could just do so themselves without asking for permission, helping themselves from their personal bucket that they carried with them to each exercise station.
The foam pit is not being used for now until restrictions ease, and the doors to outside were left open the whole session so that plenty of fresh air could circulate.
The small group was split into two and the instructors cleaned every piece of equipment after use by each group, using a cleaner and cloth.
At the end of the session, socially-distanced and one-at-a-time, the children were asked to walk to a mat and leave their bucket there for cleaning, remove their items from the bucket, pop their shoes on, and they were then given more hand sanitising gel.  When they could clearly see their parent through the door, they could leave.
All this to say: the team’s approach to this situation and reopening the gym has been utterly flawless!
Our daughter has been enjoying her weekly Dynamo classes for well over six years. We love them anyway as the top gym by far in this area of Hampshire, but we have even more respect for them now after hearing how well they did at managing this difficult situation.
We really hope this reassures anyone who’s unsure about what to expect. We understand it can be worrying and feels uncertain, but the staff have responded with precision and great care – our bet is Dynamo gym is far safer than many places currently.
And besides, our thinking is that the physical and mental health benefits of our daughter continuing with her weekly Dynamo sessions – especially now when health is everything – far outweigh our anxieties. Hopefully this will put minds at rest! Big thanks to the team. Tracy & David.