Dynamo Response to Whyte Review

Posted on - Friday 17th June, 2022.

The Whyte Review, conducted by Anne Whyte QC to examine allegations of mistreatment within the sport of gymnastics, was published on Thursday 16th June 2022.

At Dynamo, we recognise the courage shown by everyone including gymnasts, parents and coaches who shared their experiences in support of the investigation.

The experiences of many gymnasts highlighted in the review are distressing and deeply concerning, and the report makes a series of recommendations for positive change and acknowledges that the sport is already undergoing positive change.

Our leadership, coaching team and gymnasts all made valuable contributions to the Whyte Review process, including attending interviews and completing questionnaires.

We would like to reassure all of our gymnasts, parents and coaches that there have been no allegations of mistreatment, harm or distress reported by participants or anyone connected to the club, nor has any member of the Dynamo team been implicated in any way following the report.

Dynamo is very proud to uphold the highest standards of ethics, integrity and welfare in all forms of gymnastics provision; at performance, grassroots and community levels.

We will continue to work hard to ensure that every gymnast has a positive experience in a safe and inclusive environment, with a focus on protecting the welfare of all gymnasts, participants, coaches and team members.

We will work closely with British Gymnastics to action any future changes required at a club level to ensure the ongoing welfare and wellbeing of our gymnasts.

Thank you