Posted on - Tuesday 21st July, 2020.


(Please click on the video to view the new guidelines)


1. Before leaving home
– Ensure Fees have been paid to secure your place due to limited spaces – we can not except payment at
the gym at this time
– Check for Covid Symptoms / General Health is good (Temperature will also be taken when children arrive
at the gym)
– Wash hands and ensure you have correct kit with you
– Pack a drink clearly labelled with your child’s name – no drinking water will be available at the gym

2. Continue to the gym to arrive on time
– When arriving at the gym, you will need to be there 5 mins before the session is due to start, for
example a 9:00am start means gymnasts will be let in from 8:55 – 9:00, anyone that comes earlier or
later will not be allowed any access into the centre.
– No entry will be allowed after class starts

3. All attendees must now follow the below instruction on arrival
– Follow directions to the dedicated Dynamo entrance (rear entrance)
– Queue at the barrier on the car park path outside the small gym entrance
– Wait to be called in one at a time
– Enter the doors to be signed in, temperature checked and sanitise hands
– Pick up a bucket, place shoes, equipment, drinks inside bucket
– Follow path through the small gym, the weights cupboard into main gym carrying bucket
– Make way to floor area or other allocated warm up area, and take a seat on square, place bucket onto
space next to gymnast

4. Parents will be advised to stay in cars or wait outside
– Unfortunately, no viewing will be available at this time.
– There will be no adults on sight and members of Everyone Active will be kept separated.

5. Upon Leaving all attendees must follow the below instruction
– Gymnasts will be returned to parents / guardian from the fire exit door
– Gymnasts will queue up in the designated pathway by the vault run
– Put shoes on and carry all items in the bucket (Bottles, equipment)
– Place bucket into designated area ready for cleaning
Sanitise Hands & Exit through vault run fire exit, where parents will be waiting in rear car park

6. Pick Up
– Parents will need to pick up promptly and be within sight of the rear entrance, ready to collect their
– Please do your best to abide by social distancing on site
– Please do not approach the designated pick up area until the gymnast’s session is due to finish.
– Avoid coming closer to the doors and windows and wait for the coach to begin this dismissal process.

7. Cleaning
– We will be conducting regular cleaning between sessions, at the end of the day and between gymnasts
using shared kit and “high touch” areas

Many Thanks for your co operation at this time, we look forward to getting back to normal sometime soon
Please email if you need to clarify any requests, we have made.